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Mediathek update: New stuff for your ears

New stuff for your ears online at “Listen & View“:

  • Andre Hartmann´s classical production “Starfall” – appeared by numerous TV-productions (The Voice of germany, Das Supertalent, DSDS, etc.)
  • “The origin of violence” by Wuppertal´s pioneers in Metal, Contradiction.
    All songs played & recorded live except add-ons & vocals.
    No drum trigger, no perfection – no bullshit!!

Have fun.

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Joko is event-clinic

Event Klinik

7 creative and crazy picture-, light- and sound-engineers have teamed up to provide full advice and assistance in all areas of professional event- & media-production under one roof.

The new location in Cologne-Ehrenfeld made it possible to bring this common idea to life.

The event-clinic is opened – and I’m part of it.

To >>Event-Klinik<<

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New location and adress



New adress: Subbelrather Straße 186, 50823 Cologne.

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TV movie “”Wer seine Kinder liebt, der züchtigt sie…”

A hard-hitting and haunting documentary by Erika Fehse.
Broadcast date is the 04/07/2014 at 23:30 (ARD).

FX-design & audio creation of all dream sequences and flashbacks on behalf of doc.station and E.Fehse.

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Report: Contradiction at the studio

Going into a studio to record an album by the way to play it completely alive is a task which is followed at this modern times with all the technical possibilities hardly by anyone.
Contradiction participated in this challenge.

The already fully rehearsed, typical perfectly edited album version from 2012 was filed away and we went for 1 week into the Sound-Division studio to record everything live with the entire band.
We worked and lived together, spent a great time and achieved what we wanted: an album that is genuine and authentic, rocking & rolling.

>> Here << is the complete studio report.

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“Metal Hammer Paradise” with Sodom

The possibility to fall from stage directly into bed (or vice versa ?) is great - even to enjoy the Baltic Sea from room, definitely!

FoH Sound + TM @ Sodom

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“Einfach & köstlich” with Björn Freitag (WDR)


Voice recording, mixing & mastering on behalf of Schwartzkopff tv / cine plus / WDR.
Creative partner: Andrea Hürdler (Producer)
Speaker: Björn Friday

Great realization with great sound design off the beaten cooking-show paths.
Even me get feel like cooking!

Watch online broadcast HERE or HERE. Every Saturday at 17:20 on WDR.
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Making of…Opener “Der deutsche Comedypreis 2013″ (RTL)

Making of...Opener Emerged secret footage – the truth behind the sound of the opener.

Director Marcel Behnke in full use as a Foley artist.

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Sodom – live x 2

Sodom_Straubing_2013Good Locations & Crews, best atmosphere and “family reunions”.
What else could you want?

Of course there was also the legendary eggnog.

FOH-Sound + TM Sodom @ Straubing Hall + Austria 18./19.10.2013

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The german Comedy-Awards 2013 (RTL)

Deutscher Comedypreis 2013Sound design, mix & mastering of the opener “Der deutsche Comedypreis 2013″ (RTL) on behalf of lostview.

Originated in creative collaboration with Marcel Behnke (director), as well as support in studio & Kitchen by Michael Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer Tonhaus).

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